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Cars provide high-utility, while at the same time; they are also high-maintenance. They require frequent trips to the mechanic, maintenance checks, and regular upkeep to retain them in pristine condition. What we often ignore are the lock & key components that undergo wear and tear, constant use and require just as much attention. Dysfunctional locks, malfunctioning keys and poorly maintained ignition systems can all snowball into a major issue at a later point of time. Defunct key fobs have ended up locking owners out of their cars; failed ignition systems have caused unexpected vehicle stalling and more. What you need is an automotive locksmith who can tend to your vehicle’s special needs, as and when required. Find them at Watertown Lock And Locksmith!

We, at Watertown Lock And Locksmith, constantly endeavor to push the pre-defined boundaries and extend our services across all verticals. Despite the complexity involved in vehicular lock & keys, we’ve taken up the challenge, and set up a specialized automotive division for it. From imparting the right kind of technical education to our technicians to providing them with the necessary paraphernalia to boost their work efficiency, we’ve left no stone unturned making our automotive locksmith services one of the best in Watertown, MA region.

We provide roadside assistance:

Unlike your home/office, there is no means of foretelling where you might be when a car lock & key issue arises. You might misplace your key and lose access to your car just about anywhere – and that’s why, we provide roadside assistance to get you out of such situations. Our mobile vans are loaded with the essential tools and equipment to allow our locksmiths to perform any task onsite. Whether you need new keys made or require help with car unlocking, we’ll work right there, in front of your eyes, and get the job done in minimal time.

Light on pockets:

Whoever’s lost a transponder key or been in a car lockout, would tell you one thing: it did not come cheap. The technology revolving around vehicle locks & keys is far removed and quite different from that used in homes/offices. Locks are sophisticated; keys include a programmable chip and the ignition system requires careful handling. As such, automotive locksmith services are heavily priced; but we’ve managed to break that convention and provide services at competitive prices. What might cost you a hefty sum at your dealership, will only cost a fraction when you hire us. And that’s why we’re deemed one of the most affordable locksmiths in the region.

Here’s an overview of our automotive locksmith services:

Watertown Lock And Locksmith Watertown, MA 617-859-6730

  • Transponder key making
  • Car lockout rescue services
  • Trunk unlocking
  • New car key making
  • Laser car keys
  • Remote key fob replacement
  • Car lock repairs/replacement
  • Roadside locksmith assistance
  • GM Vat key replacement
  • Transponder chip replacement
  • Ignition repairs
  • Ignition switch replacement
  • Car door unlocking
  • Ignition key making

And more

Got a requirement for our automotive locksmiths? Get in touch with us now and be served with the finest-grade, top-notch and most affordably-priced services in the region.

Car Lock Pick in Watertown, MA

So did you get locked out of your car? It can happen to anyone on a bad day. If you need to get back inside quickly, it’s not recommended that you watch a car lock pick video on YouTube and attempt to get the door open by yourself. DIY unlocking methods are hazardous – they may end up damaging your door and the lock permanently. It’s much faster and safer if you hire a professional automotive locksmith instead. Watertown Lock And Locksmith is a professional auto locksmith you can contact, anywhere in the Watertown, MA area, if you need immediate assistance. click here to read more

Car Transponder Keys in Watertown, MA

Lost, broken and misplaced car keys can not only potentially ruin your day, but also cause you to empty your wallet for a replacement. Car dealers are known to charge an arm and leg for a new key, and they also don’t deliver them as quickly as you’d like. For residents of Watertown, MA, though, we provide high quality car transponder keys at affordable prices. We also cut them for you quickly – so you don’t have to wait for more than a little while for a replacement key. We have been cutting keys for vehicle owners in the area for a decade now, so don’t think twice about engaging our services. click here to read more 

I Lost My Car Keys in Watertown, MA

I lost my car keys ’ is a phrase we hope you never have to utter. No matter how careful we’re being, though, there’s always a chance we could lose our car keys or misplace them. Getting new replacements cut can be a trial – you have to get in touch with your car dealer to initiate proceedings. Your dealer will then ask for your details and a significant amount of money from you before they go about programming new keys for your car. It can take a lot of time and money to get a key from them. Is there another option? Yes, there is! You can get new keys made from Watertown Lock And Locksmith instead. click here to read more

Key Cutting for Car in Watertown, MA

Did you misplace your car keys somewhere? Or do you just need a backup key so you can share your car with family and friends? You can get affordable keys cut from our experienced automotive locksmiths at very affordable prices in Watertown, MA area. Our key cutting for car service is fast, affordable, and trustworthy. We have been crafting keys for local vehicle owners for that past several years. Every key we make is of the highest quality and will stand the test of time. click here to read more

Key Programming in Watertown, MA

Modern car keys are more than simple pieces of metal – they have a special chip embedded in them that needs to be programmed with a computer if it’s going to work with your car. Transponder keys or smart keys as they are called we produced by car manufacturers because thieves were finding it too easy to enter cars and steal them. With the new technology requiring key programming , thieves can no longer ‘hotwire’ a car to start the engine. click here to read more